Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GLOGAUAIR participates in VIDEOFORMES 2010

GlogauAir IS COLLABORATING with Videoformes in the project: 25/25

Night will not fall

A Collective Collaborative Challenge. A 25 hours live show on the Internet

Date : March 11, 19:00 > March 12, 20:00 (GMT)

Duration : 25 hours

Parameters : To celebrate Videoformes 25th international video & digital culture festival, we invite partners to show off their innovating talents and their creativity.

The project is 'simple' : a 25 hours non stop show through Internet devices (broadcasting and chat) of videos and performances curated by partners from different countries all around the world : night will not fall !

Every hour, a new curator and therefore a new program.

Videoformes will be the general operator, choosing and setting the technical and logistics aspect of the project. Videoformes will produce the opening and the closing-down show.

Each partner will produce a one-hour show of its own as follow :


One or more performances preferably live (as opposed to recorded)

One or more art videos

Ideal ratio would be an 80% of live show.


Each partner should ensure a venue for the screening of the 25 hours-non-stop show in a public space (outdoor screening, shopwindow, theatre, etc. ...).

The whole show will use English language or no language

The show will be one hour long.

Further information about Videoformes : www.videoformes-fest-engl.com

contact : videoformes@videoformes.com

Since 1984, Videoformes is a permanent observatory of the evolutions of video & digital arts : a place for presentation and meetings for artists, professionals and audience.

Videoformes annually has been organizing an international video and digital art festival. This event highlights the quality of the works and artists presented in the festival through exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, debates and meetings. Famous and/or young artists get to meet around multimedia installations, cinema and video films, performances, Web Art, live video and music performances (V-Jaying, D-Jaying), etc.